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CLT FC x Futsal TA partnership

We are excited to announce a newly engaged partnership between Futsal TA and Charlotte FC.

With the goal of providing our players with new opportunities for player development and growth, we have formed a strategic relationship with our local professional club.

We are truly excited about this partnership as it brings the community and the sport we all love so much closer together.

"This partnership will shine a light on Futsal. We have all experienced the excitement around Futsal and we know how much fun and effective the sport is in the development of young kids." - Coach Thiago.

Stay tuned for more Futsal TA x Charlotte FC updates.


Futsal TA x Charlotte FC Partnership Highlights:

  • Futsal TA players referral opportunities to the Charlotte FC Discovery/Academy program (Scouting at Futsal TA events)

  • Futsal TA x Charlotte FC training clinics/camps

  • Futsal TA Club Days at Charlotte FC matches

  • Meet & Greet opportunities with players and staff

  • Charlotte FC giveaways at Futsal TA events, and so much more!


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