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FUTSAL EXERCISE: The 2v1 & 2v2 Counter

This is an exciting, fast-paced game to consolidate the principles of attack and defense. Players will have to attack intelligently and recover to defend quickly.

the objective of this game is to create lots of counter-attacking situations goes from end to end and up and down the court.

the game is set up as per the video. Perfect for 8-12 players, including GKS,.if more than 12 players arrive, they make rolling substitutions since this game is quite physically demanding and players might need to rest to maintain the intensity of the game.

The game starts with the goalkeeper at one end rolling the ball short creating the game's first 2v1 situation. Once the ball is in play the two light blue players, number 5 and 7 attack the one yellow defender, number 4, with the intention of getting the ball and moving to the other end to score. The other light blue player, number 3, is allowed into the marked central section to receive the ball and tries to continue the attack with 1 of their teammate from the other half. Now this creates a 2 V 2 in the yellows half of the field. if the light blues score the game restarts as before, however if the yellow players win possession in their own half, like they did here, one of them can move through the central zone into the lights Blues' half, making it 2v1 in the yellows' favors, as the Light blues are not allowed back through the zones. This attack plays to the Finish. If the goalkeeper saves the shot they can quickly throw the ball to the 2 light blue players locked in the other half. This creates a 2 V 1 in their favor. This attack is played to a conclusion and so on.


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