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What are the Benefits of playing Futsal?

Because the sport is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking and pin point passing, it is an exciting game for children as well as adults. The game is very economical and safe, simple and fun to play. Just by playing with the ball develops precise ball control and technical skill, agility, lightening reflexes and decision making. See below the 10 Reason to play Futsal.

10 Reasons ALL players should play Futsal.

  1. SKILL DEVELOPER: The game demands quick reflexes, fast thinking, and pinpoint passing. Futsal uses a smaller, heavier, low bounce ball. Ground control and first touch are essential to success in the game.

  2. BALL TOUCHES: In a statistical study comparing Futsal to indoor arena soccer with walls, players touch the ball 210% more often.

  3. BALL CONTROL: With limited space, an out of bounds and constant opponent pressure, improved ball control skills and technique are required.

  4. SPEED OF PLAY: With limited space, constant opponent pressure and a 4 second restart rule players learn to play and think fast.

  5. SUPPORT OF PLAY: Without a wall or rebound boards to rely on in order to escape from tight situations, you must make supporting runs when teammates have the ball.

  6. FOUNDATION: Many of soccer’s greatest players like Messi, Pelé, Ronaldo, Iniesta, and Neymar all grew up playing futsal and credit futsal with developing their skills.

  7. KNOWLEDGE: With four court players and all the basic options of the outdoor game in non-stop action mode, players' understanding of the game is enhanced.

  8. MORE TECHNICAL: Futsal rules encourage technical play and do not permit the aggressive physical play that soccer allows

  9. CONTINUITY OF PLAY: Action is continuous, so players are forced to continue the play instead of stopping and watching like in Soccer.

  10. MORE AND MORE: More shooting, more goals, more action! Players rotate positions throughout the game, so every player is 100% involved in every game.


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