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The 4x0 Futsal Formation

The 4-0 system is the most complex and hard formation to be executed in Futsal. Only a few teams are able to use this system but if well applied, it can cause serious problems to the team trying to defend. The main difference between this formation and the others is that the 4-0 is a system in which all players must be in constant movement with and without the ball, thus, there are no determined positions.

This system is characterized by the placement of the four field players in the defensive half of the court. It is a formation considered modern, as it constantly will have players alternating their positions with one another, making, then, more difficult for opposing teams to defend. The idea is to have all 4 players moving at once, promoting movements that allow many options for 1-2s (give-and-go), space occupation, and attacking opportunities.

It is normally used only by high-performance teams, as it requires excellent physical, tactical and technical preparation and also requires players to know how to play collectively with and without the ball.


  1. Promotes a more dynamic movement of the team

  2. Always allow 1-2 options

  3. It makes the defense of the opposing team difficult due to higher movement

  4. Physically can wear down the defending team

  5. The ball moves extremely fast

  6. Great option to maintain possession of the ball

  7. Creates space behind the defense, often allowing 1-1 situations with the GK

  8. Best way to get out of pressure marking


  1. Everyone on the court must understand the system otherwise it will not work

  2. Players must be extremely physically conditioned

  3. Players MUST be technically good and smart enough to read the game and understand when to attack and when to keep possession

  4. Generates a lot of physical wear on offensive players

  5. Hard to be used against teams defending lower on the court

In this system there's not a specific rotation to be applied. The rotation and movements will all depend on the movement of the player making the infiltration behind the defenders. However, a more noticeable rotation is similar to the 2-2 rotation with players exchanging positions with teammates on the same side or with players on the opposite side. Again, remember that the idea here is not to have a set rotation, but instead, for players to assess the game situation and try to find infiltrations in order to score.


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