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If you are born in Brazil, you most likely have heard the expression "do the Cat" and know what this means. But if you're not from there, in this article, I'll tell you about this trick you can use to take defenders away from you, to receive the ball with more space and time, or even to get in a better position to take a shot on goal.

A trick that's very simple and easy that a lot of players, not only in Futsal but also in Football, have taken advantage of and used during games. So, stay with me until the end of this video to learn everything about this trick.

Today I'll bring to you here a tip that I personally love. A tip that can make a big impact in your game and I'm sure you gonna try to apply this in every single match. And we'll talk about the famous "Cat or Gato."

But Coach, what in the World is this? Well, the Gato, meaning the "Cat" in Portuguese, is just an expression used to refer to a body move or body feint that players use to beat defenders, trying to receive a pass in an empty space, either to attempt a shot on goal or simply to maintain ball possession.

Basically, the player is moving away from where he/she wants to receive the ball, taking the defenders further away from the ball at the moment of reception. This trick is commonly used when players don't have the ball possession and have a defender marking on a high pressure.

Moreover, you can also use this move while in possession of the ball. Before we talked about players without the ball possession applying the Gato, to take a defender away from them, to receive the ball, but it can also be applied when the player has the ball possession.

To apply the Gato while in possession of the ball, the players needs to have a quick combination of pass and the Gato. In this case, the player will pass the ball, to another teammate or to an empty space, and immediately apply the Gato, opposite to the direction where the ball was passed, to then go towards the ball. Watch video above.


When coaching kids, it's essential to explain to them why they're applying this move. Young players tend to apply the Gato in the opposite direction, bring then the defender closer to the ball, making it easier for a ball interception or tackle.

This move can be applied to both receive the ball on feet or, in some cases, to receive a through ball, behind the defender who's defending the player.


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