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A unique opportunity for local players to have an authentic Brazilian Futsal style experience.  


@ SCN: 8626 Hankins Rd, Charlotte, NC



The Brazilian Futsal Festival is an organized 5-day event, in which participants will be playing in Futsal matches and competing among themselves, in a challenging safe environment for creativity, drive, and self-development.


In each one of the 5 Festival days, players will be divided into different teams, playing against each other, in a tournament style format with multiple 10-15 minute matches, earning individual stats, such as goals, assists, and team points. These individual stats will be accumulated throughout the festival days; and on the last day, final individual stats will be shared alongside awards for top performance players. 


We believe that most local players lack the opportunity to play in a free but also competitive environment, so BFF aims to offer these players the freedom to play, expressing themselves and trying new things that are commonly "not allowed" in a club environment, while being challenged to compete and perform their best on the court.  

Our objective is to familiarize players with the competitive environment, improving and encouraging the practice of Futsal and the interaction with other players.

And the best of all, it's the convenience for players to be playing a total of 16 hours of Futsal matches on a single location, during the same period of time, without the need to have to drive back and forth.

Coach Thiago

"I've played in this type of event and I know exactly how important it is for a player's development. Kids need to be playing in order to improve, and as much as they do, the better they'll be."

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Coach Pedro

"Freedom to play develops creativity and competition builds mental toughness. The combination of both is what turns good players into great players. That’s what BFF is about."

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  • Where is it going to be held?
    The event will take place at Sports Connection Northlake ( 8626 Hankins Rd. Charlotte, NC 28269)
  • How are teams divided?
    Players are randomly divided according to their respective age groups. For each Festival day, we'll make different teams that will play against each other. The following day, players will play on a different team, with different teammates.
  • Can a player miss a day?
    Yes. Players can potentially miss a day or two for the festival. However, they'll not earn individual points for those missed days.
  • Do players need to be in both Festivals?
    No, players can attend both weeks or either of the Festival weeks. Each Festival will have its own players and teams. Individual prizes will be given at the end of each Festival.
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