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2x2 Futsal Formation. The "Square" System

The 2 × 2 Tactical System in Futsal, also known as “The Square”, is the pioneer formation in the sport, created in the 1950s. Basically it divides the four field players of a team into the two areas of responsibility: defense and attack. It is a simple system that can help develop good partnerships between defenders and attackers.

Although two players are asked to be more advanced (in attack) and two to be further back (in defense), these roles will need to be very flexible, as attackers will need to help the defense and vice versa, given that most teams attack and defend with at least three players.

This system is commonly used with younger ages or in teams with low technical levels, due to the simplicity of the rotations and the logical positioning of players on the court. However, in certain situations of the game, high level teams implement this system to create problems to a deep diamond defense, as it puts the 2 players in the attacking corners. This creates an opportunity for the attacking team to find spaces behind the defense.


Great system for beginners or younger players for the low level of complexity

It gives a good balance between attack and defense with 2 players attacking and defending

Ensures that the defense and the attack have at least one player at all times in the game.

Successful 1v1 situations could create offensive overloads for a short period of time given the higher distance between defenders

This system can be used to play with 2 pivots, offering more opportunities for 1-2s on both sides.


It restricts players movement given the positions of players

Can be defensively weak if defenders join the attack and attackers are unwilling to perform defensive functions

If the team is poorly trained or does not communicate well on the court, there may be confusion between which attacker should support the defense and between which defender should support the attack.

The number of rotations is reduced and there are fewer opportunities to execute these rotations.

In addition it may cause inhibition, especially in teams of smaller categories, as it is common to see young athletes, when hearing their coaches defining them as defenders, afraid to attack, which, without a doubt, will take away creativity and decision-making power.

There are mainly 2 rotations in this formation, The "Butterfly" and the "8" or "infinity." The "Butterfly" rotation consists of the 2 players, of the same side, exchanging positions among themselves. The "infinity" rotation, on the other side, is a little bit more complex to perform. Players will still be exchanging positions, however now, crossing diagonally to the opposite side of the court after making the pass.

Please remember that movements and passes should always be a combination of coordinated moves that you have practiced with your players, and that it is the position of the opponent's defense that will detect exactly what the runs and passes look like. The pass across the court can be very dangerous, so it's important to make sure players understand that they are not just passing the ball because that's what they are supposed to do when not able to go down the line, they have to assess the pressure on the player to be passed.


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