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Brazil Triumphs Over Argentina, Clinches Futsal Copa America

In an electrifying showdown at the COP Arena in Luque, Paraguay, the Brazilian Futsal national team showcased their dominance, emerging as the champions of the CONMEBOL Futsal Copa America™ 2024.

With goals from Pito [1] and Rafa, the "Canarinha" secured a 2-0 victory over Argentina in the final, claiming their eleventh Futsal Copa America title.

Brazil Reigns Supreme in Futsal Copa America: Crushing Victory Over Argentina Secures 11th Title!

Brazil, buoyed by unwavering support from their fans throughout the tournament, remained undefeated in Group B with a perfect 12 points. They overcame Venezuela in the semifinals and repeated their success against Argentina in the grand finale, reaffirming their status as champions.

It marked Brazil's 11th continental title. The team concluded the competition with a flawless record, winning all six games, including two victories against Argentina.

"They (Argentina) were a thorn in our side; we had lost three knockout matches against them. Today, we scored and defended, just like they used to do against us. This team deserved the title. Now, we aim for the World Cup final," stated pivot Pito, referring to the upcoming global competition later on this year.

Goalkeeper Guitta, one of the team's veterans, emphasized the shift in Brazilian futsal mentality. "We had an excellent tournament; it would have been a major disappointment to leave the court without the title. It shows our evolution; we played well, and we defended well. People say Brazil only knows how to attack, but today we showed something different. Our calling card is this: attacking and defending well," he asserted.

The Copa America determined four representatives from South America for the Futsal World Championship. Alongside Brazil and Argentina, Venezuela and Paraguay secured their spots in the tournament.


Copa America Futsal 2024 Tournament MVP, Pito

Jean Pierre Guisel Costa, commonly known as Pito, is a Brazilian futsal sensation who has carved his name among the elite in both club and international arenas. Born in Brazil, Pito's journey to stardom began in the futsal courts of his homeland, where his exceptional skills and innate talent quickly caught the attention of scouts and fans alike.

Pito's rise to prominence accelerated when he joined the powerhouse Spanish club, Barcelona, where he mesmerized audiences with his dazzling footwork, precise passes, and lethal finishing. As a pivotal member of the Barcelona futsal squad, Pito played a crucial role in the team's success, contributing to numerous domestic and international titles.

Internationally, Pito has been a cornerstone of the Brazilian national futsal team, showcasing his prowess on the world stage. His dynamic playing style, coupled with his strategic vision and leadership qualities, have propelled Brazil to victory in prestigious tournaments, including the FIFA Futsal World Cup and the CONMEBOL Futsal Copa America™.

Pito Futsal Barcelona


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