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Futsal has always been considered an incredible training tool for soccer development, but over the past decade it has gained more traction than any other growing sport in the United States. With USYF affiliates popping up all over the map, we wanted to give our youth a clear pathway to compete at a local, regional, and national level. The State Championships allow players to start small and grow exponentially, instead of having to enter Regionally and compete against top area talent. The State Championships are the perfect opportunity for our local community to compete while preparing for the next steps in their USYF Championship Series journey with confidence.

The US Youth Futsal Championship Series is the country's largest and most prestigious national youth futsal competition. The 2019-2020 Championships included two USYF State Championships, 11 USYF Regional Championships and the largest attended National Championship in our history. 

Combined, our 14 Championship Series events provided over 13,000 players on 1,300+ teams from 36 states the opportunity to showcase their talents against the best competition in the country. 

What are the USYF State Championships?

  • Part of the Championships Series leading to the USYF National Championships

  • Highly competitive event bringing together top teams in the area  

  • Winners of each division will be crowned State Champions

  • State Championships, like the Regional Championships are open events, meaning teams do not have to qualify to register for the Regional, i.e win their local league or State Championship

  • State Championships do not replace Regional Championships

What are the Benefits to the Participating Teams?

  • Provides a pathway to the Regional and National Championships

  • Great Team Building opportunity

  • Financial Incentive - Every division winner will receive a paid entry to a USYF Regional Championship

  • Opportunity for teams not currently affiliated with USYF to experience quality competition

2020 Virginia State Championship



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